About Us


My name is John Skinner and wife’s is name is Taeko. We have lived in Hawaii for over 15 years and have one daughter named Yui who is pictured below. We have been very fortunate to travel to Southeast Asia on a regular basis. The closest to our hearts and favorite spots are Nepal and India. Seven years ago we decided to start a wholesale import company. Today it is known as Shanti Town. I graduated from Colorado in 1990 with a business degree and am working on several projects here in Hawaii. Our top selling product throughout the islands is the Headband. The headbands use ranges from fashion to action sports to just simple convenience of not dealing with a bad hair day. We should sell close to 17,000 units this year in approximately twenty stores throughout the islands. Our goal is to reach more stores in Hawaii and the Mainland. Next year our goal is over 100,000 units. Our supplier in Nepal, who also works close with India is geared up and ready to go. Our company is financially solid and we are looking forward to moving to new sales heights. 

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